Talk about an inspiration. My coworker turned friend, Suzanne, is one of those people that just lights up the room. Not only does she have a beautiful 1,000 watt smile and eyes like crystal blue gems, she has such a genuine spirit, loving and generous heart. You see, Suzanne's story is that she wants to be able to bring out the warrior within you to purse the dreams and goals that you want to achieve. She was one of many people that encouraged me to jump on this crazy idea of mine to pursue my passion of portrait photography. No matter what, she is the one we can count on to bring us some positivity and smiles to our faces. It has been through her own stories of struggles and tribulations that she has so openly shared, that makes her so relatable and down to earth. So, when she asked me to take a couple of professional photos for her up-and-coming inspirational blog, I totally said, "Of course! How could I not." Thank you for your support.  It was such an honor to have captured this time in her life. Suzanne, there isn't a doubt that you will make great leaps and bounds with your words of encouragement.