Whoever said chasing around a one year old is a piece of cake truly has no idea what it's like!  Okay, I know I need to be in better shape, but I liked that he kept me on my toes chasing after him or running away from him through the beautiful Claremont campus; this little guy definitely gave me a run for my photos! He will probably be in track and field when he grows up.  Mom and Dad sure have their hands full, but you can see the love they have for their little boy. Can't tell who he gets his sweet smile from (or those handsome looks), but based on the images, a lot of both I'm sure.

Rachel and Ryan are fun loving parents who like to laugh a lot, play together and have great taste in music as my hubby might add. (Dad/Ryan is a Misfits Fan). Rachel (aka Mommy to "M") and I have known each other for years now. We used to work at the same school where many of us there became like family. She's always smiling, laughing, and tells the funniest stories. "M" is quite the lucky little guy to have Rachel and Ryan as his mommy and daddy. I too am lucky to have been able to capture these endearing memories for them as well.