About a week ago, I had the pleasure and honor of photographing Michelle & Mike's adorably handsome little guy for the first time. This is their first human baby, as they have 2 four-legged babies at home, Lucy & Dexter, a pair of Basenji's.  The family had to wait an extra week past his delivery due date just to see him. Docs decided it was time to evict him from his warm, snuggly home (true story as told by his parents).  The waiting game was totally worth it. I was lucky enough to finally meet him in person.  What is it with babies with all they're cute, tiny little features that make them so adorable! He is so sweet, and was so patient with us as we moved him around, changed his outfits and hovered around him with my giant camera. Lucky for us all, we had backup from Grandma R. who seemed to have some extra magic touches when it came to rocking him back to sleep. I hope the next time I photograph other newborns that they're just as patient as baby DJ was and I might just have to hire Grandma R. as my newborn assistant. 

Thanks again Michelle and Mike for the honor of taking Baby DJ's debut photos. It was so much fun and quite the experience I'll always remember! 


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