Seriously! Where does the time go?! One minute I'm doing Baby DJ's newborn session, the next minute I'm shooting his 6 month old session. Shesh! Someone press the pause button. I'm sure mom and dad would agree that time sure has been passing by too quickly.

     It's been such a neat experience capturing these tender milestones for Michelle & Mike and their adorable little guy who just lights up my screen after every session. Doesn't he have the most charming little smile ever?! He's been like the perfect and easiest baby model, even as he continues to grow.  Even at his last session, he was smiley and giggly (thanks to mom & dad's funny noises and chicken- you had to be there). Wonder what's next for his big 0-1 in August. At this rate, I'm totally willing to be patient for that time to come, so his family can fully enjoy him at this stage in his fun little life. 

Click here for Baby DJ's Newborn Session