Some of you may be wondering....what made me want to become a family photographer? Actually, my story is quite similar to many photographers and artists. However, to me, it's my unique story....My hubby James and I have always loved taking pictures of family events, our traveling adventures and just random cool things we see. Believe it or not, we actually started with a film camera! Yes you heard right...Film! Crazy, huh. I know what you might be thinking... how can they even be old enough to know what film is?  Well, we are. For the record, we only used film for a short amount of time. You see, we came from that totally cool era...the totally awesome 80’s and 90’s- you know the rad hairstyles with tons of Aqua Net, bright colors, VHS, no cell phones, playing outside in nature, chatting with real people face to face, etc. Ahhh, good times.  

Anyhoo, when digital cameras first came out, we thought they were the coolest.  No film to develop and mess up. Countless photos (well almost- since SD cards were so small). I remember we finally saved up enough for our first digital camera- it was a 3 megapixel Kodak camera with a 1 1/2 inch screen. But the coolest one was a Pentax one we received as a gift from his parents.  This was the one that really sparked our interest in photography. With it’s multiple portrait settings and neat color filters. We went from just taking pictures to remember memories to creating “artsy” photos just for fun. We totally rocked our little point and shoot camera. We learned as much as we could through reading and trial and error. 

Next thing we knew, we became the official photographers for our family gatherings and  trips. The more we shot, the more we wanted to learn. And we actually got pretty good at it. So, one day, after lots of insisting from James, we made the ultimate leap to the big fancy shmancy camera. Like the kind where you could change lenses. I thought he was crazy. Like, what in the world are we going to do with one of those. Those are for professionals who know what they’re doing. That’s not us I thought... Or was it? After a few weeks, we were hooked and inseparable with our Nikon D40x. We used it for years and we can remember what trips we captured with it. One in particular was our big family trip to Disney World with James’ parents, siblings and significant others. I’d never been to DW and was so stoked to be able to use my ‘good camera’ to capture all the fun times. That camera was like my baby. We had been to Florida together, to NYC, all up and down California. Even though we've upgraded a few times, we made sure our first DSLR went to a good home. 

Amazing building.jpg

After 100's of miles later and countless photos to share,  some of our best friends (and fans of our work) called us one day and wanted us to take their first maternity photos. At first I was like, “but I’m not a family photographer. I just like to take pictures of buildings, landscapes and fun family events.” But our friends insisted and always told us how much they love our pictures. So, we did. We gave it a shot. And like anything new, some were cute, others not so much. And then there were the ones that just resonated with such love and emotion. Five years later, I’m still capturing their beautiful family of 2 adorable boys who we luckily get to call our godkids/nephews; looking back on those first maternity photos, it's amazing to see how a couple of photos can really document the changes- as a family and as a photographer as well.  Thanks to social media and word of mouth, I now have a couple of loyal family-friends who have chosen me to be their family photographer as well. It’s because of the amazing support and encouragement from my family and friends, that I began to share my little hobby with others.

It may sound corny.... but I really enjoy bringing happiness to others through my photography. It’s one of the best feelings in the world knowing that I’m creating and giving something to others that make them smile, sometimes even tear up, and something that they’ll be able to remember for a lifetime. We hope they know just how much it means to us, to be able to be a part of their family's lives. We are forever grateful of these amazing opportunities.