The Chiquitos Await Their Little Princess

Oh, where to start with Blanca and Andres… the first thing that comes to mind is how adorably sweet and kind they are to each other. We’ve known them for about 10 years now and the only thing that changed about them is their cute, expanding little family. They are both responsible for creating foundations for others where he does flooring and she is a teacher.  You can tell how much they love their family simply by how they talk about them.  They are always there for others for whatever they may need.  Having gone to some of their get-togethers, you can feel that sense of family.   They have always been the kindest of people and such great friends. And when they asked me to begin documenting their latest pregnancy (I had the honor of doing so with their little guy a few years ago) we were more than excited to do so! It’s an amazing feeling to be asked to take part in people’s intimate moments such as maternity and newborn sessions.  For me, being given the opportunity to see behind the scenes is such a wonderful gift.  Thank you again, Blanca and Andres, for the pleasure of creating these wonderful memories for you.  Can’t wait to meet Baby Chiquita next month!