Miracles & dreams often time happen when you least expect them to. And they certainly came true for Naira and her husband Jesus. They met about 15 years ago and couldn’t be more perfect for each other as their personalities balance each other. She’s more outgoing, laughs out loud and wears a beautiful smile all day long. Naira, on the other hand, would say her that her husband is the serious one and keeps her grounded. Once he’s more relaxed, they love spending time with their family and friends. They have fun together exploring nature and just enjoying life. Behind those wonderful smiles, no one would know that they’ve also experienced their fair share of heart ache; their soon to be little girl has a little brother or sister who will watch over her in spirit. Although Naira & Jesus never had the chance to hold their little baby, it was loved from the moment they knew they were pregnant. This new little miracle that is growing inside now gets to share that same love.  Though it has been a long time coming - for about 12 years now - they never lost faith that their day would come.   It’s just a matter of weeks now before they get to hold their baby girl ever so tightly in their warm and caring arms. Jesus, I hope you’ve got that crib ready for her now! 

It is because of loving couples like Naira & Jesus that I continue to pursue my passion for photography. I was beyond honored to have been given the gift of capturing this amazing time in their lives. Baby Vazquez doesn’t quite know yet just how deeply loved she is and how much her mommy and daddy have been waiting patiently to hold her in their arms.