How in  the world does a whole year pass by so quickly?! How did this little guy go from a tiny little baby to a handsome little one year old. I've had the extreme honor of capturing, not only Little Man D's first year, but the family's first born.  As I go through his photographs, it's amazing to see how much he's changed - he doesn't look anything like he did in his newborn session, but he was the perfect little newborn to photograph - and my first!  He was patient, adorable and snugly, and did I mention patient? His little personality blossomed with every milestone, but the two things that have stayed constant are his cute little smile and charming personality. 

What do you do for a little guy that turns one? Cake and balloons of course. Mom and Dad decided that it would be fun to have a cake smash. What kid wouldn't like to tear into a sweet yummy treat, right? Well ... the exception would be this little man. He took one look at the yellow frosted, blue speckled cake and took off crawling back into his grandma's  kitchen where he would much rather play around the tupperware! The scene was hilarious. Here were five adults all trying to convince a one year old to eat cake, but he was not easily persuaded. Finally after some time helping him taste the cake, he seemed to only take a few bites for the adults sake, so mom and dad decided to bring in reinforcement- CHICKEN! Yup, that's right. They placed some chicken pieces in the cake so that he would eat a bit of it for the photos. Guess we should've had the cake made out of chicken and mashed potatoes. All in all, it was both a fun and bitter sweet. We all didn't think his one year session would come so quickly. Time flies when you are chasing after cuteness.

Overall it has been a great experience to capture this wonderful family's first year journey.  I feel so incredibly honored to have been able to be a part of his first year of life in a small way. I think he's officially used to seeing the "lady with the big camera". The great thing is that our partnership won't stop here, as Little Man D is going to be a Big Brother soon! Thank you Michelle and Mike for this wonderful experience. I've loved every moment of it. Looking forward to the future ones! 

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6 Months

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