Love is in the Air - Again

It’s not often that we get to see true love between two people a second time around.  When you do, it’s usually between college sweethearts. However, Shareen & Tim exuded that kind of young love in their own ways.  According to Shareen, she thinks it's crazy how they met… through an online Christian Mingle website! One of Shareen's daughters had suggested it and told her to try it out. A few weeks later, she came across Tim's profile and wrote  a very sincere and simple message..."hello". Those five little letters were more powerful than anything at that moment. 

She's a nurse, and he's in business. Shareen is a free spirit and Tim prefers things in a more orderly fashion. She likes to jump in creeks and he likes.... well, to make her happy, so he does it too! They're each others ying and yang, and compliment each other perfectly.

They've been inseparable since last fall. And the rest is history! They both feel that they are incredibly blessed to have found one another.  Shareen even whispered to me that she falls more and more in love with him with each passing day, 

I feel so very lucky to have had the honor of capturing these love birds who, during the entire session, couldn’t seem to keep away from each other. They were just so cute!  Their smiles and laughter were infectious and genuine; it was refreshing to hear individuals say how lucky they are to have found each other. Shareen and Tim showed that it’s never a too late to find love again.