I've had this idea in my head for months that I wanted to set up a photo session with a beautiful & lovely mommy-to-be standing gracefully in the wild flowers hills in an unexpected location. There's a city in the Inland Empire that isn't necessarily a happening place, nor is it  a popular destination. If you've ever driven on the 60 freeway going East towards Palm Springs, then you've passed through Moreno Valley, possibly without much regard. However, this city has still has some mom and pop shops serving yummy & authentic Mexican dishes, some great people, and pretty pockets of wild flower covered hills. You see, I wanted to challenge myself and find an unexpected location with pretty sites for my latest photo session. This city is surrounded by some really pretty chaparral areas if one takes some extra time to stop and look around. It's funny how I came across this particular area. I was driving around looking for the site of one of my many weekly meetings, when I stumbled across this park tucked away in a residential area. Long story short, I never found the meeting place (perfectly named Hidden Springs) which was odd since I'm a great navigator, and ended up scouting out this park instead. Ha! Luckily, it was more of an informational meeting or I would've been in deep waters. You can't say I didn't try to find it. I even went back again to find that meeting place without any luck. So, if anyone who's familiar with that location, I'll buy you a Starbucks if you can take me there : )

I hope you enjoy the images of my gorgeous and radiant mommy friend who was ever so gracious and kind enough to model for me. She was the perfect person for this session.  I don't want to over share about this lovely family yet in this blog as you may catch them again in another session later this summer!