What do you get when you cross a musically talented tech nerd with an incredibly artistic introvert? Well with these two obviously a perfect match.  And their wedding day couldn't have been more perfect.

With a Haunted Mansion Theme they really took the "I love you to death" idea seriously. The weather perhaps played a small role in setting the tone - a very atypical drizzly southern California afternoon - really made the walk down the aisle that much more foreboding.  A little rain didn't damper their day. In fact, the water droplets were such a perfect accent to the gem colored hues of deep purple and emerald green that surrounded their location. When it came time for the wedding bells, the drizzle vanished and the music from The Haunted Mansion crept ominously through the air.

Brian, dressed ever so dapperly in his suit and top hat,  awaited for his lovely bride to join him. Sarah walked down the aisle with her aunt and uncle looking just like the Victorian ladies of the 1800's, corset and all but with a twist - the cutest purple converse to keep things a bit modern. As they both caught each other's gaze, their faces lit up with such love. As they stood in front of their family and friends, they were surrounded with such happiness. 

Suffice to say it was a beautiful celebration that was filled with love, smiles and laughter from family and friends. Here's to the bride and groom - may you love til the end and through the hereafter. 


Co-written by one of the dashing groom's men - James Hassett (aka my hubby).