A little pink tutu, gold glitter and a sweet smile with about 4 tiny teeth. 

    Getting to document this little lady’s 1st year at the beautiful Prospect Park in Redlands, CA was so much fun. We laughed, she explored with Mother Nature, we played tickle monster, she tried escaping the photo session, and we laughed some more. 

    She’s the kind of little girl who loves to move around and seems happy with whatever is going around . . .  as long as she’s got some dirt or possibly some blades of grass to play around with.  I’m sure we confused her by telling her not to touch them even though we placed her so close to all those tangible things in the first place. She was an easy going little lady who was happiest with a few strings of pearls in her tiny hands and, yes, they even went straight to the mouth.  I had such a fun time hanging out with her, mommy and grandma. Her mommy and I worked together for a few years sometime ago. Knowing my friend, I can see that Miss C. is just as beautiful, kind and funny as her mommy. 


    Although this session was a one year photo session, you would have thought Miss C. was a celebrity with her entourage all around her. I even convinced my hubby James to tag along. He was so kind to have hauled around a giant pink ballon, a stroller filled with blankets, suitcases, and a basket containing Baby C’s Cabbage Patch kid. How cool is she that she loves her 80’s doll. Anyone else have one of those dolls? I still remember mine. She was a red headed girl with long hair and freckles. And I think her name was Cassandra. Loved that doll. Oh the memories. 

    Such a great afternoon spending time with this wonderful family. It could not have been any better.  

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