Warning… cute kid on blog. Seriously, can someone just push the pause button on life or at least slow it down a couple notches. I swear I just did this little guy’s newborn photos like yesterday. Here is now, at 3 months old with chubby cheeks and legs, the sweetest of smiles and quite the little personality too. He loves his bath time, playing on his jungle gym, talking with his older brother while he plays, and sleeps through the night (this might be mom and dad’s favorite thing).

And boy did the two Saenz brothers give me a run for my money; I really should record a family session when there’s two little ones under the age of two. I was glad to see that I, the lady with the big black camera, didn’t scare him off. I have to say he took to me faster than his than his older brother did. Once again, I need to thank Grandma for stepping in and giving us a hand especially with all the distractions of grass, flowers, water AND ducks! I wouldn’t change a thing though. 

I’ve been documenting this growing family for about two years now, and it has continued to be an absolute honor to see all the wonderful changes and happiness among the four of them. Michelle and Michael, you have a beautiful and sweet family. 


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