Hellooooo beautiful mommy..... and beautiful family. I just love getting to document my good friend and her sweet family.  I have had the honor of photographing this family starting with their adorable little girl's 2nd birthday photo shoot.  She's now 4 1/2 years old and going to be a big sister to an equally cute baby brother.  We had a blast capturing memories while meandering through a few square blocks of downtown Riverside, chatting the entire time about their growing family, hopes and dreams for their children.  They're looking forward to the unknown territory of boyhood, but welcome it with open arms and full hearts. According to Big Sister, she can't wait to help and play with her little brother and will even think about sharing some of her toys, but for now, Baby Boy Herrera will have his toys and she will have hers.  

My dear friend always has a look of love radiating out to her family and tonight was not different. Although her hubby is on the shyer side, I could see the same coming from him as he stared at his family. They are the most genuine, kind and thoughtful people. I feel so grateful to be able to call them family.  Here's to new adventures and wonderful memories. 

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