Love is in the air...

The Beginning - It all started with a simple “hey”; along with a little wooing. Who knew that from what started with a common salutation at a local hangout - nothing even serious in nature - that Khaleelah and Pete, two wonderful people, would eventually be walking down the aisle. After lots of hangouts (not dates),  they soon realized that they had some commonalties - large families (about 8 siblings each), adorable kiddos- one each, and they were both single parents. They were soon helping each other out with the kids which brought them a little closer together. For Miss K, it was his "get it done" way that made her know he was special.  After a random comment she made to him that one of the sprinkler lines was broken as he left one evening, she went outside the next morning and to her surprise, found that he was fixed the problem.  With further play dates for the kids and further outings of their own, things naturally meandered from there.  As Pete likes to say, he basically commandeered her.  


The Proposal - Khaleelah and Pete had been going out now for about 6 years and already committed one another in their hearts. Then while on their yearly family tradition to visit The Mission Inn in Downtown Riverside during the festival of lights season on Christmas Eve, Pete had a surprise in mind.  There were sounds of Christmas and the smell of hot chocolate and cinnamon mini donuts lingering in the night.  Pete, Khaleelah and some of her family were taking photos outside the historic hotel when he pulled her aside amid the sparkling lights and cool air, he told her - "Now, I'm being very serious right now, okay?"  (Note - he had to CLARIFY his seriousness right before the proposal !)  This should give some insight to Pete's . . . character, or rather spirit which, according to his mom, he happens to share with his grandfather).  Then at that moment, Pete asked Khaleelah if she would marry him.  She - of course, because really how could she say anything else - said yes to her man! She says she was truly taken aback and that the proposal couldn’t have been any sweeter.


The Wedding - It's a very good thing that the wedding bells chimed in a day later as a strange wind storm from the desert kicked up the dust of the drought-ridden southern California landscape into the Inland Empire and could’ve potentially have put a damper on things.  However, the winds subsided and the dust settled to reveal the beautiful backdrop of Rancho Cucamonga's Central Park, nestled at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains beneath a lovely sky of blue; even the temp. decided to fall in the low 90s.   Khaleelah and Pete walked - in true California fashion - beneath a row of palm trees to music that fit their personalities. Adding on to their unique wedding, they decided to have her grandma be the flower girl/lady and his grandpa was their ring bearer. How sweet is that!    Their family (17 siblings, parents, grandparents, kids) and friends filled both sides of the isle. The gentle cool breeze and beautifully heart written vows filled the air.  And just like that they became husband and wife. Then it was time to chill and hangout. Inside, the dessert table was topped with their favorite sweets of candy and mini cupcakes topped with cookies. Guests even had a choice between some yummy Mexican tacos or the classic In and Out Burger - who catered outside in their food truck. How much more Cali can you get? And boy who would’ve known that there was so many talented dancers both young and old in their family? But I’ll tell you this, the sweetest memories that are all tied for first place in our book were their heartfelt vows, their two children giving such personal toasts, the parent dances and finally Khaleelah and Pete’s loving slow dance as husband and wife. 


It was such a wonderful joy seeing all the amazing families and friends come together for Khaleelah and Pete. Wishing them decades, and decades of happiness, love and laughter. Cheers!