This wonderful and loving family welcomed their baby boy this month. At first I didn't think they could be any cuter, but now they're like totally cute times 10! I've been fortunate enough to have been given the honor and gift of documenting this family for about 3 years now and with every session you can see how strongly the love flows between them.  

It was so sweet the way they tenderly interacted with their new family addition. Everything about Baby Boy Herrera is simply adorable and precious. He has the cutest little features-from his itty-bitty fingers and toes, to his pouty baby lips. At only 3 weeks old he's got his own sense of style with his naturally awesome mohawk and all that hair! But don't be too fooled by all that adorableness, believe it or not he can get a bit hangry if not fed on a timely manner. Luckily, it's all hands on deck when those moments happen.  And Big Sister is one of the best little helpers and loves taking care of her new little brother. Mom and Dad couldn't prouder of their baby girl with how she naturally took to her Big Sister roll. 

This little guy doesn't quite know just how much he is loved by so many. He is one lucky guy to have such an amazing family that loves him to the moon and back.