Love at First Sight? It seems so for this sweet and kind couple.

It was during our Facetime conversation with Kortney and Brandon (they're in Central California and we are in SoCal) that Brandon expressed just how smitten he was with Kortney within a week of meeting her. Some may think that's way too soon to know, but sometimes you just need to follow your heart. These two sweethearts met about three years ago through a mutual friend. Brandon who is originally from Maryland had always wanted to live in beautiful, sunny California. One day he was invited to a lake party by a friend. Little did he know that day, that he would be meeting his future wife. They both mentioned that they just seemed to hit it off and shared many similarities like being outdoors and their hopes and dreams for a bright future. He said he just knew that he was going to be seeing Kortney walking gracefully down the aisle with him one day.  Three years later her "We'll see (about marriage)," remark couldn't have been more accurate.

So, on a romantic Valentine's Day evening, Brandon was ready to make one of his dreams come true. There he was next to the love of his life, with the engagement ring practically burning a hole in his pocket, trying to settle the nerves of excitement. Meanwhile, Kortney said she had no idea what was going on and wondered why Brandon was acting so strange. Then, with a rush of emotions, Brandon finally released the question and asked if Kortney would marry him.

Awww, how sweet are they. Like seriously sweet and cute! 

Fast forward a year and a half to their amazing wedding day where Kortney and Brandon said more than "I do". On a fairly hot, late afternoon in September, at the hidden oasis that is Holland Park West in Fresno, they stood there in front of their family and friends to vow their love and devotion to one another. These two couldn't keep their eyes off of each other and smiles could hardly be contained. Even the bright sun-rays couldn't outshine their love. 

It was such an honor being able to celebrate their wonderful day and witnessing all the love that surrounded them. Kortney and Brandon- wishing you a lifetime of happiness, love, and good health.