Love, Style, Devotion.

Seven years to be exact. Some may say that’s a long time to finally get hitched, but often times, the best things in life grow slowly to in order to create deep roots. True love takes time that usually starts as friends. That’s how it happened for these to creative souls. 

When they first met, they were in different places in their lives. Some would say the timing wasn’t quite right. Quite some time later, their lives crossed paths again at a friend’s BBQ on a beautiful Southern California day. Bruce was drawn into conversation with Yesenia over the body ink she displayed. This time, something felt different than it did before. Maybe it was Yesenia’s radiating smile or her gleaming beautiful eyes, or maybe her passion for artistry. (She even co-designed her gorgeous wedding dress). Perhaps, for her it was Bruce’s dashing smile, or kind soul. Whatever it was this time, the timing had finally arrived and it was just what their souls needed. They’re so complimentary to one another. He keeps her grounded, she comforts his worries. Together though, they’re unstoppable and each others best friends. What could possibly be better. 

As the wedding photographer, I love the unique perspective I get to see on wedding days. I love being able to see how family and friends gather together in love to surround the beautiful couple as they begin a new chapter in their lives. It’s always an amazing joy to witness the coming together of two sets of family and friends joining as one all in the name of love. 

Yesenia and Bruce, you two exude love and compliment each other so amazingly well with the words and stories of how you came together.  May your marriage always be surrounded by joy, laughter, love and wonderful memories. Cheers to you both!