Admittedly, when I was asked to be a guest blogger I had no idea where to start. Patricia told me to just start typing and let the words flow out of my heart. There’s so much to say about my family. What you see here is the beautiful branch of our family tree that my parents, Alfredo and Candelaria, started 41 years ago this past November. This is our greatest treasure – our family.


Sundays are our favorite days. Every Sunday we all gather at my parents’ home - my sister, my three brothers (along with their spouses and kids) and myself. We gradually trickle in during the afternoon. If one or a group of us hasn’t arrived, my dad starts making calls. When we answer, the first words we hear are, “Your mom wants to know what time you’ll be arriving?” (It’s usually my dad who’s the one that wants to know.) Or, dad starts telling us to send a text to whomever is missing. Other times, dad calls with his phone and quickly hands it over to mom so that she finds out when we’re arriving. Mom laughs and has a quick conversation with us. When we finally arrive we all give hugs and kisses making sure no one gets missed.


Another one of our favorites is our family text message thread. Our threads are amazing! I love technology. The photos, the moments and the memories we share put a huge smile on my face. But, my favorite text so far was the time my daddy told us all how proud he was of us – the kind, humble, loving, giving, compassionate, supportive and hardworking adults we have become. But, we told him that we are who we have become thanks to him and mom. They raised us well. Though we may not be perfect, we have created a family that loves unconditionally and supports each other in everything we do.


This is my family. They are unicorns in my life! They are so magical, so amazing, so powerful, so rare and I am simply blessed to have them. We are all blessed to have each other.  Whether we’re sitting in the living room or at the dinner table, celebrating a birthday (which we seem to have quite frequently), watching the Dodgers baseball game (Go Blue!), or sitting around the bonfire, all the matters at the end of the day is that we are all together.  We may not be rich with money, but we sure are rich with love. And, that is what matters most.

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