Love from the Potomac to the Pacific

I could see their smiles from down the Santa Monica Pier and could feel the strong love they have as they walked up hand in hand.  We (the hubby second shot with me that day) had a great time walking on the beach with Carol and Grant dodging the approaching ocean waves and coconuts (yes, you read correctly), laughing and bragging about our binge watching of dramatic television.  Grant was very gracious and invited me to join them on their ride on the ferris wheel where we could over look the cloudy - yet beautiful and serene - ocean sky. Throughout the whole engagement session they couldn't stop smiling at one another - which made the beautiful session that much more genuine.  

Carol and Grant actually met online and began going out just as friends. They share a love for yummy food, quaint little coffee shops, and believe it or not, a love for horror films. It was during one of those scary movies that they both realized that their friendship had blossomed into love, but did not mention anything right away. It wasn't until a few weeks after that night that they finally let the secret out about how much they truly loved one another. Who would've thought that horror films could be so romantic. At that time, they were both living in the East Coast, where Grant is from (Jersey) and Carol is a California girl with strong roots in Guatemala. They describe their relationship being quite opposite- he rocks out to Ska music (think No Doubt & Sublime), she enjoys all music really (except for Ska). She says she's more outgoing and adventurous, he's a bit more mellow and easy going. At least they both love their furry kitty, Felicia, who loves to lay around and hang out with them. However, no matter the differences that makes them unique, they both say that they are the same at their core- values, family, and love.

So one amazing day in Alexandria, Virginia, Grant took Carol out for a special date. Little did she know that she would be asked a rather important question that evening- but it almost didn't happen. 

As they strolled together alongside the Potomac River, surrounded by romantic twinkly lights, the calm sound of the waves, and a professional photographer who waited quietly for the cue. Just as Grant was about to pop the question, a good friend of their ran into them and struck up a conversation. Grant anxiously waited for the friend to leave (for good reasons of course). Once he saw his window of opportunity, he bent down on his knee, lovingly looked at up Carol and proposed right then and there. Carol was beaming ear to ear, and so surprised that Grant and elegantly pulled off such a sweet and romantic proposal. How could she resist?!   

I truly cannot wait for their big day next March to be able to document more of their love surrounded by family and friends. Thank you, Carol and Grant, for this lovely honor of being able to capture this special time in your lives.  You two are very cute indeed.