Families are like branches on a tree… they grow in different directions, yet their roots remain as one. This can be said of the Smith Family and their ever expanding family. When a coworker turned friend, Rebecca (the one in the pretty red blouse and black skirt) asked me to photograph her family, I immediately said yes. She then proceeded to asked me if I was sure because there was going to be 13 of them and that they could be a bit "quirky" (her words). I paused for a few seconds to picture how I might do this, and still said yes. I love quirky families! :-) Turns out that her family was just like anyone else's- full of unique personalities, a few quirks and tons of love between them all. 

The Smith family began with grandparents, Susan and Charles who have been married for a few decades. They live locally in the Inland Empire where they raised their 3 sons and daughter and have 5 wonderful grandchildren. 

It was such a joy photographing the Smith Family and getting to know them more. Being a photographer has not only allowed me to create family treasures with photos, but has also allowed me to meet some wonderful individuals like them.