The adorable Miss C. seems to get cuter and cuter with each time I get to photograph her. I've known her since she was born and it's so hard to believe how quickly two years pass by. I love that her itty bitty nose still crinkles up when she laughs. Her mommy couldn't agree more and describes her as being an independent, energetic and girlie girl. She loves caring for her baby doll, pretend cooking, giving make-overs, and playing outdoors. 

Though it took her a bit of time to get used to the lady with the big camera, she opened up once mommy brought out the balloons. Funny how quickly a toddler will do almost anything for balloons- like sit it a wooden rocking chair to "wait patiently" for them. And in true independent fashion, Miss C. then started to "run the session", as most two year-olds do, by wanting to look at leaves instead of sitting in the chair, or exploring the nooks and crannies of the beautiful Prospect Park in Redlands.  Oh I almost forgot to mention - her little outfits were soooooo cute! I mean, that darling chambray blouse and red summer shoes. Then there's my favorite outfit where she wore the summery ivory, linen dress, cool denim jacket and rocking brown boots. Adorbs!! 

Thank you Krystal (mommy) for continuing to allow me to capture these moments for your family. It's so precious to see the love between mother and daughter with each hug they share.

If you'd like to see her 1-year session, click here!



Click here to see Miss C. as a cutie at one years old.