We often hear that things sometimes happen for a reason. That our decisions in life are somehow intertwined with the universe. These two sweethearts actually "met" before, but the timing was just a bit off. Julio and Gina's first encounter was in high school when he visited her class to get some scantrons (I can't believe they're even old enough to know what those are). He claims that she gave him a "bothersome look". She denies it of course. ;-)  A few years later they connected through Facebook with the occasional "like" on posts. However, it wasn't until they were both in the teacher's program that they really started talking. 

Gina's first thoughts of Julio- he was (and still is) a very genuine & nice person. He loves to tease her and says that she fell head over heels for him, but she likes to say that it was a mutual feeling. Julio says that Gina also has a kind and caring heart. Julio and I also found out during our client meeting that Gina has a "fiery" side to her. Don't worry Gina, your "secret" is safe with me ;-) It seemed like Julio's adventurous side enjoyed hearing about Gina's mischievous childhood stories. 

They soon began to realize that they shared a lot more in common in terms of traditions, family values, and spiritual beliefs. They truly are a perfect match for each other. And to think it almost didn't happen. You see, their first date didn't go as smoothly as anticipated. Julio, being a punctual person, arrived late to pick up Gina for their movie night to see Interstellar. Because he was late, it also meant that Gina wasn't able to get her favorite movie snacks of popcorn and soda. That's a big no-no for movie goers - myself included.   And to top it all off, Gina is not a fan of Mr. Matthew McConaughey, nor did she like the movie at all.  However, I think it's safe to say that Julio has long since made it up to her sweet gifts of flowers, kindness and genuine care.  

Julio and Gina, may you both continue to have an abundance of love, happiness, and laughter in your lives. Enjoy the journey of togetherness. Congratulations on your engagement!