This adorable tiny lovebug did so well during her newborn debut. You wouldn't know just by looking at her, but little Miss T. was born a whole 7 1/2 weeks early! I guess she couldn't wait to snuggle in her beautiful mommy's arms. Her doctors were so surprised at how well she did in the hospital that she was released earlier than expected and in good health. So as you can imagine, it came at such a surprise when my friend Rachel, who I've known for over 5 years, contacted me way sooner than expected, to come by their home to document Miss T's arrival. 

I absolutely loved doing this mommy and daughter lifestyle newborn session in their warm cozy home. The bond between mother and daughter is unlike no other.  It really is something special and tender. As a photographer, I've always loved the unique perspective of observing the sweet moments between loved ones. I get so much joy having the utmost honor of creating these magical moments for my friends and clients. My favorite part of the session was watching how my friend tenderly, and openly embraced her new role of motherhood and the deep love that kept blossoming with every look and touch. There is just so much warmth and love that surrounds this tiny cutie. Her mom is head over heals with her. From the funny way she sleeps with her arms across her face to her itty-bitty dimple that appears on one side of her tender cheek.  I might be a little partial, but my friends and clients make for some of the best parents. 


And now a few words as told by Miss T.'s mommy for her daughter...

  • One of my favorite things about you is how much joy you have brought into my life.
  • I hope you learn to learn to follow your heart.

  • I hope you grow to be a strong and compassionate young lady.

  • I hope you love yourself because you are truly special and unique.

  • I hope you become a leader.

  • I hope you aren't afraid to try new things. Always keep an open mind and embrace the adventures that life will bring.

  • I hope you get to travel the world.

  • I hope you laugh often.

  • I hope you never forget how much I love you and that you mean the world to me.

  • I hope you always surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you and want the best for you.

  • I look forward to teaching you all that I know and learning with you all that I don't.

Love, Mommy