Because of the nature of this story, I asked Lee-Ann and James to personally share their journey of becoming a family of four. All I can say is that being able to take part in their adoption hearing was such an incredible honor, and witnessing this little guy become part of the Miller family very special. There was so much love and warmth that filled the court room on that cold March day. 

A Journey of Love   ~Written by Lee-Ann~

"Adoption was a big part of both our stories. James was adopted, his parents were foster parents, and 2 of his sisters are also foster parents. My (Lisa) grandma was a foster parent and my parents also almost adopted. We talked about wanting to adopt someday and then infertility pushed someday to now. So then, we started our journey into becoming foster parents. We were interviewed, had home inspections, took classes, and then just waited for "the call". That call that changed our lives forever. We were matched with a little baby boy! We didn't know his name, or what he looked like, but we were already in love. A lot of work and preparation went into this.

We brought home our little boy when he was almost 3 months old. Our older son was attached to him right away. We were officially a family of 4. We still had a lot of legal milestones to cross before we could call him ours officially. It felt like forever and not long at all, at the same time. It felt like he was meant for our family and makes my heart overflow. Others go through a 9 month pregnancy of a child growing inside them, but we went through nearly 2 years of the thought of our son growing in our hearts.

I hope that I can bring hope to others who desire to have family, but for one reason or another, can't. Science isn't the end all, be all, to making a family. There are so many children out there who need a home, and so many families that have love to give. When someone places a baby in your arms and tells you to take care of him, it doesn't matter where he came from, you love that child. I believe that everything happens for a reason and believe that God has a plan for each of us. Sometimes we face difficult obstacles in our lives and how we react to them, shapes us. For our family, we faced the obstacle of infertility, therefore we chose to adopt in order to grow our family. There is a greater need now for good foster families than there has ever been. Adults make poor choices and children are the ones who are left with the consequences. I hope and pray that more people understand that they CAN do it, they CAN become foster/adoptive parents. I hope more people make their somedays into nows. No one can ever regret giving a child the love that they deserve."