It is so hard to believe I met this amazingly brilliant and talented young lady when she was only 4 years old and in the cutest little trencitas (braids) and glasses. Although Julianna is almost an adult, I can't help but still see the sweet and spunky little girl. She has truly blossomed in front of our eyes. Her parents have done such an amazing job of raising  an absolutely sweet, and kind hearted daughter who is beautiful inside and out. Their love and pride for her and her brother is endless. 

During Julianna's session at the breathtaking Crystal Cove Beach, I asked her about her aspirations for her future. I loved the way her face lit up when she talked about how she wants to study to become an architectural engineer at UC San Diego. Talk about being awesome! I then told her to jot down all the amazing cities she needs to visit to gather research for her studies- Chicago, New York City, Venice, London, just to name a few. With just how awesome and intelligent as she is, I know that she is going to be incredible at anything she puts her mind into. Oh, and did I mention she's also a talented artist? She has  painted beautiful pieces of art over the years. And who knows, maybe someday she'll host her own gallery. 

Juli, may you always be guided by heart and soul as you venture off into this next chapter of your life. There truly isn't anything you can't do as long as you always believe you can. Looking forward to all the wonderful things life has to offer you.