The story of Brian & Sarah~ The Techy and the Artist

Not only are Brian and Sarah high school sweethearts, one can also say that they are two birds of the same feather, but at the same time, they couldn’t be any more different. That’s the beauty with these two love birds.

Sarah and Brian met while in high school PE class as sophomores. She remembers their first encounter being quite humorous. Her version is that Brian approached her in a playful mood during one of their PE activities acting very highly flirtatious. I guess you can say, he really left quite an impression on her. Brian’s version goes a little more like this… they didn’t meet during PE class, but rather on a Thursday during an assembly in their high school theater where she approached him in a "very forward fashion”. Anyone that knows Sarah would know that part to be untrue as she is such a shy and reserved person. 

The stars must have been aligned for them that year, as their paths seemed to cross even more. Soon they had almost every class together for the year. She remembers just how talkative and distracting he could be. Teasing her during class, “accidentally” bumping into her on campus (in the most literal fashion). This is where Brian chimed in to share how she changed him- he used to be “on the straight and narrow” before Sarah came along (insert serious look from Sarah here and Brian proudly laughing). Guys sure do have a funny way letting you know they like you. It’s a good thing they truly understand each other. 

And it’s clear to see they are very much in love. Especially when they had to endure about 4 years of a semi long distance relationship while they went off to difference colleges. Sarah’s love for art led her to attend Cal State Univ. Fullerton and majored in Art Education. While Brian stayed local to attend CSU San Bernardino and majored in Public Administration & Cyber Security. Although the distance between them may not be seen as far, living in SoCal, you know how long it takes to cross through all those freeways. He made it his mission to visit her almost every weekend. Now that’s dedication! 

Not only do they share a love for one another, they are true animal lovers of all kinds- even the ones most people wouldn’t think of being very pet friendly. They’ve opened their hearts to some beautiful feather friends (Trinity, Flap Jack and Tesla), and other unique creatures their lizard Spartacus and Bilbo the hedgehog (may he rest in peace), and most recently rescuing Barnabus, a hairless guinea pig who needed to be nursed back to health. Don’t you just love all their pet names too!

You know you’re committed to one another when you dare to venture out 3,000 miles together to start a new chapter together. After graduation, Sarah & Brian headed out from Southern California all the way to an amazing job opportunity in Washington DC. They chose to make their little home in Maryland with they’re little pets. 

The Proposal

After 7 years of dating, Brian decided to propose to Sarah with the help of his trusted feather pal, Flap Jack. Sarah went to wake up the birds one morning only to find a small empty box sitting on top of one of the cages. As she stood there a bit perplexed, she turned around and saw that Brian was holding the beautiful engagement ring with Flap Jack right my his side. He then proceeded to ask Sarah if she marry them (pets and all). She of course said Yes! 

Next thing you know, they ask James and I to fly over to Washington DC for their engagement session. Fall time was the absolute perfect time of year for their session- from the gorgeous rich colored leaves, the amazing city, to the majestic bare trees surrounding them. So thank you Sarah and Brian for giving us the honor of capturing this amazing time in your lives. Oh and for making us official destination photographers! Can’t wait for you wedding next year!