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An empty home once sat on a hill awaiting a lovely family.

The Herrera’s New Home . . . at last!

An empty home in a newly developed area once sat on a hill awaiting a lovely family. Veronica, Steven and their beautiful little girl Isabelle are the lucky ones who get to create wonderful memories in their amazing new home and make it their own. 

After months of obstacles and setbacks, the Herrera Family of 3 have persevered and have finally been handed their keys!   This kind, humble and generous family can officially call it their home. 

All they have to do is come in, personalize it with their belongings, hang family photos, and begin filling their home with love, laughter, new memories and celebrations, all this while with family and friends right by their side. 2015 also marks Veronica & Steven’s 7th wedding anniversary. What better place than their new home to capture their love. They don’t call it lucky number 7 for nothing. There will be many firsts in this home: trick-or-treating in their new neighborhood, Thanksgiving dinner, decorating their Christmas tree and opening presents, and ringing in the new year of 2016. Wishing the Herreras many, many wonderful years in their lovely new home. Cheers to you all!